Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Where Would Your Crane Go?

Where Would Your Crane Go?

A Digital Exploration of Space
Grade: 6-12

Objective: Student explore photo manipulation using a free online software at in the creation of a composition that plays with the notion of where cranes choose to travel. 

Materials: Origami Crane, MacBook

Activity: Students learn how to capture images of their handmade origami cranes then transform them digitally using a free online photo manipulation website ( Students explore ways to select, resize, transform, copy, and manipulate their cranes by incorporating them into a place where they think their cranes might travel to.

 Instructions:  1. Students learn the art of origami by creating paper cranes. (see the story of 1000     
                             paper cranes)
                         2. Students learn how to take pictures of their cranes using Photo Booth. 
                         3. Students search on Google images backgrounds that best describe where their   
                             cranes might travel.
                         4. Finally, students select and copy their cranes onto their background. They can 
                             create a group of cranes (sedge or siege) and resize, manipulate, and play with the 
                             space of the image.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Awesome Student Drawings! Volume 1

Awesome Student Drawings!

Volume 1

6th, 7th, and 8th grade sketchbook drawings  2012-2013 

Friday, February 7, 2014

Geodesic Newspaper Dome

Grade: 6-12

Objective: Student explore structure, balance, and geometry through the creation of a recycled newspaper geodesic dome. 

Materials: Newspaper, Tape, Stapler and Staples
Activity: Students learn the process of building with newspaper and the importance of math creating a sound structure. This activity is a group project that takes about one 60 minute class period with about 20 to 25 students.

 Instructions:  1. Discuss structure and breakdown parts of the dome (equilateral triangles)
                         2. Demonstrate rolling technique for individual supports and attachment using stapler
                         3. Students fabricate two newspaper equilateral triangles each
                         4. Students assemble structure as a group with stapler and tape

above image from

above images from

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Keith Haring Inspired Chalk Drawings

Graffiti Chalk Drawings
  Grade: 6,7,8
 Materials: Black Roll Paper, Chalk
Activity: Students explore the qualities of chalk on paper in the creation of a chalk mural inspired by the drawings of Keith Haring.  Students begin by viewing and discussing the qualities of Keith Haring's drawings then split up in to groups to begin brainstorming. Students collaborate on a "theme" for their mural and each student explores simple line imagery and shape.
 Instructions:  1. Discuss the works and qualities of Keith Haring's drawings 
                             (i.e. iconic images, use of letters, themes of social justice)
                         2. Break students up into small groups (3-4)
                         3. Give students a chance to brainstorm theme
                         4. Students draw their mural with chalk
                         5. Class reflection discussion